Management Discussion and Analysis

Institutional Capital

The Brand and its Development

The Ceylinco Life brand has aptly been brought out with our logo of a 'father and child'. It depicts the love and care a father would have for his child and the unwavering trust that the child could place in his father in return. This is synonymous with what Ceylinco Life stands for – ultimate ‘Love’, ‘Care’, ’Protection’ and ‘Trust’, which has been uniquely brought out in our tag line ‘Life, Love and Protection’.

The innovative and customised nature of our product offering; easy and convenient accessibility to the masses through our far reaching branch network; and track record of trust spanning 27 years, makes us a brand of choice. Being awarded the ‘People’s Insurance Service Provider of the Year’ at the SLIM Nielsen People’s Awards 2015 and that too for the ninth consecutive year, is a fitting testament to the super brand we are – a brand loved and respected by all Sri Lankans.

Several brand tracking studies done over a period of time establish that the Ceylinco Life brand is well recognised in the industry.

Brand Equity

Throughout our 27-year long history, we have managed to build a brand that is unique and unmatched. Having a well-established and trusted brand continues to augur well for us in sustainable growth and in consolidating our leadership position in the industry.

In keeping with our brand mission, we continue to provide protection and financial security of the highest quality whilst adding value to all our stakeholders.

Our Brand Mission

To provide protection and financial security of the highest quality to society whilst adding to shareholders' wealth and recognising, rewarding and valuing the dignity of our staff

An account of the awards and accolades won during the year is detailed on this section.

Organisational Knowledge

Our industry experience that spans nearly three decades has helped us understand market expectations accurately in better serving customers and other stakeholders. Industry knowledge and experience has enabled Ceylinco Life to build a reputation for itself of having the best and innovative life insurance plans; of being the best in claim settlements; of offering rewards beyond expectations to policyholders; and of superior value additions to all stakeholders. Our participation in the industry helps us achieve greater innovation and service excellence.

Extensive industry exposure has helped the Company:

  • Become the leader in the industry in 2004 and retain the leadership position
  • Better align its strategies to cater to an ever changing environment in order to sustain growth
  • Give leadership in creating awareness on the benefits of life insurance and retirement planning amongst the general public
  • Innovate products to better suit the needs of the public
  • Offer better benefits to policyholders that go beyond expectations
  • Add sustainable value to all stakeholders

Corporate Culture

We consider our corporate culture as being paramount in gaining trust and respect. The corporate values of Ceylinco Life; PRIDE are strongly entrenched in our corporate ethos and run across the entirety of our team.

Good business ethics and integrity are reinforced in all our activities. A Code of Conduct and Dress Code is followed by all employees in creating a work environment that is honourable, conducive to work in and welcoming to all. We are a performance-driven Company that rewards performance and merit. This is reinforced through continuous training and development, regular feedback to ensure alignment with corporate objectives while also recognising the importance of work-life balance.

Many Company-wide initiatives are carried throughout the year across our branch network to further strengthen the quality of service, transparency in operations, proper governance etc., in order to encourage good corporate culture within the organisation.

Your insurer gained its leadership position in 2004, and continues to be the
undisputed market leader with a premium income of Rs. 13.4 Bn and a market share of 26%

Supply Chain

Our wide network of 267 branches and a strong sales force, are the main touch points through which our services are delivered to policyholders. The Head Office and our Call Centre are additional points of contact, while we are also pursuing alternative distribution channels such as bancassurance, online channels and direct marketing for greater accessibility and convenience for our customers.

Systems and Processes

Technology plays a key role in our business. Many developments are in progress to increase the efficiency of our business, minimise human error and integrate our branch network.

A total of 52 systems have been developed across the Company, covering human resources, finance, policy administration, underwriting, sales administration, customer service, management information systems and many more.

The effectiveness of these systems is regularly evaluated, and 24 systems were upgraded during the year under review, while 11 new systems were also introduced.

Investments in IT

We continually review, upgrade and make significant investments in our information technology infrastructure. Key activities undertaken in 2015 include the following:

  • The core application system, namely Life Asia operates on an IBM i Series machine. The production and Disaster Recovery machines were upgraded to the latest IBM i Series Power 8 in July 2015.
  • Ceylinco Life was an early adopter of Virtualisation of Servers in 2010. The initial hardware was replaced with the latest equipment in October 2015, including the Disaster Recovery site.

Business Ethics and Integrity

Ceylinco Life ensures that all employees as well as its sales force understand and fully commit themselves to the Company's corporate values and Code of Conduct. Control mechanisms are in place to guard against irregularities and unethical practices, some of which are discussed under Corporate Governance.


We maintain a strong compliance culture. We have not been informed of or have pursued any actions in relation to any fines imposed on the Company on account of non-compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to corruption, anti-competitive behaviour, anti-trust, monopoly practices and similar infringements during the year.